Homemade “Spinner” Shawarma

A Shlomi Ashuri recipe

Shawarma that is just “wow!”. Shlomi uses grandma’s cooking methods in which there are no exact amounts or cooking times, therefore all measurements are “eyeballed”.


Thin slices of meat (preferably a combination of beef/lamb Shoulder tender and lamb shank, or thin slices of beef Shoulder tender and female turkey thigh).

A few large flat patties (like hamburgers) made from ground rib meat and beef neck (There is no need for extra fat on the skewer except for the fat coming from the lamb shank and the ribs patties / hamburgers).

If decided not to use ribs patties, place lamb fat slices on top of the skewer, in between the pieces of meat.

A large onion

Seasoning as specified below


– Marinate The slices of the beef shoulder tender in onion juice (squeezed liquid from the chopped onion) + squeezed lemon + Atlantic sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper for about 4 hours (keep the leftover marinade and rub it on the roasting meat  from time to time).

– Season the turkey with turmeric, cumin, black pepper and salt.

– Mix the minced meat with salt, coarse ground black pepper, chopped red onion and mint.


The uniqueness of this recipe lies in the variety of the meat, the quality of the meat and in the seasoning, but mainly in the method of placing the meat on the skewer and the distribution of fat so that it reaches all parts of the shawarma.

Place the meat on the skewer in the following order – half a large onion, slices of meat, slices of turkey, meat patties, and so on, ending with the other half of the onion. Place the skewer over the grill at a minimum height of 20 cm above the hot coals (no direct fire).

Once you see (and smell) that the meat is ready, slice the outer roasted layer along the skewer and place back to roast again, occasionally rubbing the meat with a mixture of lemon juice, onion juice and apple concentrate so it won’t dry out.

Bon appetit!