The Spinner consists of a grip handle, a skewer, 2 forks and 2 tripods. The skewer is comprised of three rods, 28cm (11 inch) in length. The rods are connected to each other via screws to form a rod that is 84cm (33 inch) in length. The length of the grip handle, which contains the motor, is 22cm (8.6 inch). Together, the length of the entire product is 106cm (41.7 inch). The skewer has a diameter of 16mm (0.5 inch) at full profile. The height of the tripods is adjustable, from a minimal height of 20cm (7.8 inch) to a max height of 40cm (15.7 inch). The span of the tripod legs is 26cm (10.2 inch).

We’ve designed a compact case so that you can easily carry it anywhere.
The case’s measurements are 10/20/35cm (4/7.8/13.7 inch).

The Spinner is the ultimate griller for large portions. We recommend that you keep the Spinner’s skewer in parallel to the ground/barbeque. Each tripod can be easily adjusted for maneuverability, even when the base of the source of the fire isn’t flat. We also recommend that large portions of meat or poultry be tied with twine. The skewered portion should be balanced to make sure that the edges that are close to the portion are not burned during the grilling process. It is recommended that each portion be grilled over hot coals rather than direct fire.

In our manual, you’ll be able to find a detailed explanation along with a diagram about how the Spinner’s parts should be sorted inside the case. When the Spinner’s parts are inside the case, you should make sure that: 1) The tripods are placed next to each other in opposite directions, with the screw for one tripod positioned between the legs of the other. 2) In the middle compartment, the forks are placed while on top one of the skewers, so that their height is minimal.

In order to operate the Spinner, two C batteries should be used.
We recommend using quality alkaline batteries by Duracell or Energizer.

The possible duration of the batteries depends on the type and quality of the batteries and the weight of the portion being grilled and on the Spinner.
An average portion of 4 kg (approx. 9 lbs) can spin for approximately 12 hours with high-quality batteries.

The Spinner is as easy to clean as it is to use! Excluding the gripping handle, which houses the motor and the batteries, the rest of the Spinner’s parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher without any concern. In addition, cleaning wipes or damp cloths can also be used to clean the Spinner easily.

Of course! We provide a 24-month warranty for the Spinner’s body and a 12-month warranty for the motor. The warranty enters into effect on the day of the purchase.

First of all, it is always recommended to use fresh chicken, and to allow it to reach room temperature before roasting so as to minimize the roasting time. The roasting time depends of course on the size of the chicken. In order to get a succulent roasted chicken, we recommend a roasting time of about an hour and a half, over hot coals or a medium fire in a gas barbecue.

The roasting time greatly depends on the type of portion and its weight. It’s best to start roasting the meat when it is at room temperature, in order to minimize the roasting time. We recommend that high-quality fresh or dry-aged portions be used at all times. See further details in the table of the recommended cuts.

Sure! Varied types of hotdogs and chorizos can be skewered vertically, so that each will be skewered by the two barbed forks along its length. When arranged like that, it is possible to roast a large number of hotdogs/chorizos at the same time, while roasting in the best way possible.

The Spinner was designed for long, low and slow roasting, be patient. It is always possible to cut the meat and peak inside. In the vast majority of cases, meat will not be burned when roasted over hot coals.

Whatever comes to mind – from large beef portions of porterhouse, ribs and brisket, poultry such as turkey and duck, hotdogs and much more. Please look at the table of the recommended cuts for further information.

This of course depends on the diameter and type of the portion. Please look at the table of the recommended cuts for further information.

Every temperature as long as it is made sure that the motor not be above or close to the heat source (as written in the manual).

Definitely not! All of the Spinner’s parts can be purchased separately.

Certainly! Almost every gas barbecue has a designated place for a rotisserie skewer. All you have to do is place the skewer so that the gripping handle will be positioned beyond the grill itself. The pair of tripods should be screwed on the side of the gripping handle, in order to counter the skewer and allow it to spin. Usually, the extra pair of tripods is not required, since the barbecue’s design provides the skewer with the necessary support.

It is possible to purchase another extension rod with a length of 28cm (11 inch), as well as an additional pair of forks, or an extension rod with a double fork (two forks back to back). Check out our online store for further information.
We will also offer additional accessories in the future.

The motor is capable of working in a hot environment for hours. However, in order to preserve the Spinner’s lifespan, we recommend that the grip handle (which includes the motor) not be positioned directly above a heat source. Users should operate the Spinner according to the instructions provided in the product manual.

An extra extension rod can be purchased, and two additional extension rods can be attached as well, each of them extending the skewer by 28cm (11 inch). The extension rod comes with an additional pair of forks. Check out our online store for further information.

Absolutely not! The Spinner is made entirely of stainless steel type 316, the most recommended type of stainless steel for foods. Stainless steel is durable, does not rust and maintains its form and color when used according to instructions.

An electric power connection is not required! The Spinner operates on two C-type batteries, so there is no need for an existing electrical solution! The Spinner can be taken into a field without needing to rely on any electric power source.

Use two C type alkaline batteries. The batteries should be placed into the gripping handle with the positive (+) side facing the direction of the skewer while the negative (-) side facing towards the button.

Everything depends on your favorite Degree of Doneness. It is recommended to look at the table of the recommended cuts and start experimenting. Any use will make you more professional.