About us

So, how’d it start?

The story began with two die-hard meat lovers who wanted to give their friends a new experience, something other than the traditional grills and large heavy smokers that we’d already tried and built.  This was going to be a rotisserie barbecue.

And that’s how we found ourselves in the workshop welding metal bars together, and then connecting a motor with a long extension cord and a skewer to them.  It was clumsy, ugly and heavy.  But it sure got the job done.

We invited our friends for an evening of barbecue, and the device was the star of the event.  We skewered a huge cut of entrecote, and placed it over the fire.  Words cannot describe the juicy, smoky taste the device produced.  And the highlight, the cherry on top, was that instead of sweating over a hot grill like we usually did, we had time for some laughs and beers while we watched the meat turning all on its own over the fire.

That same evening, we knew from our friends’ reactions, that we were on to something.  The look that passed between us said “tomorrow we meet in the workshop”, and there we began to transform this clumsy device into a product that can be produced in quantity from high quality materials. It would be portable, compact, and equally suitable whether for camping, four-wheeling, or the backyard barbecue.

Today, after two years of daily engineering and development work, patent registration, visits to metal works and day by day enhancements, we present you with the Spinner, the crown jewel of barbecuing.  The Spinner is produced from 100%, quality 316 grade stainless steel, a global standard in the food industry.  The Spinner’s motor was developed specifically for this purpose and is capable of rotating 22lbs of meat for 12 hours at the optimal speed for grilling meat. Portability was critical, so the motor is powered by 2 C cell batteries available in any store.

Besides all the obvious advantages when cooking, the Spinner is designed to be folded into a smart compact case smaller than a laptop computer.

So next time, instead of using that heavy, smoky, expensive grill and a bunch of rusting pots and pans think when the last time was you were enjoyed a lightweight, easily cleaned, stainless steel product that provides superior, effortless grilling.

There’s no doubt – The Spinner is not only the best way to cook meat over a fire or a grill, but it has the added advantage of freeing you up to spend time with friends and family.  Now it’s easier than ever before to grill meat outdoors, whether you’re out hiking, four wheeling or just in the backyard with friends.